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Power Yantra

Power Yantra

Some Yantras, producing wonders, are available. Yantras are sacred & magical diagrams derived from mantras and from geometric designs endowed with mystical & cosmological symbolism. These are made on copper metal. These yantras are available for various purposes that produced wonderful results.

Effects of Yantras

Shri Yantra - for peace, money and prosperity.
Shri Mahalaxmi Yantra - for name, fame, wealth and money.
Shri Vishnu Yantra - for success in all undertakings.
Shri Sudarshan Yantra - for the blessings of Lord Vishnu.
Shri Gaytri Yantra - for peace of mind and psychic development.
Shri Ganesh Yantra - for starts an auspicious work.
Shri Ram Yantra - for attaining target.
Shri Hanuman Yantra - for education, intelligence and strength.
Shri Saraswati Yantra - for education and intelligence.
Shri Durga (Ambaji) Yantra - for blessing of Goddess Durga and preventing from crises.
Shri Durga Beesa Yantra - for happiness, luxuries, happiness from spouse and children, prosperity.
Shri Mahakali Yantra - for success in desire undertaking.
Shri Bhairo Yantra - for protection from accidental death.
Shri Kuber Yantra - for becoming wealthy and increasing accumulated wealth.
Shri Gauri Yantra - for marriage.
Shri Baglamukhi Yantra - for loss to enemies and victory over court cases.
Shri Kanakdhara Yantra - for money, happiness and prosperity.
Shri Mahamarityunajaya Yantra - for health and smooth life, saves from accidental death.
Shri Sukh Samridhi Yantra - for social fame and family happiness.
Shri Sarv Karya Sidhi Yantra - for settlement of unsolved and pending works.
Shri Karya Sidhi Yantra - for success in desire work.
Shri Vyapar Vridhi Yantra - for success in business.
Shri Dhanda Yantra - for increase in wealth and money.
Shri Santan Gopal Yantra - for a child (issue).
Shri Matasya Yantra - for purification of land and removal of vaastu faults.
Shri Vaastu Yantra - for removal of all type of vaastu faults.
Shri Kalsarp Yantra - for pacification of Kalsarp yoga.
Shri Pandrah Yantra - for gains in wealth, get employment, attraction, increase in name and fame.
ShriVijay Yantra - for success in competition and all undertakings.
Shri Beesa Yantra - for self defense & get rid from negative energies.
Shri Vashikaran Yantra - for attracting others.
Shri Navgreh Yantra - for removing bad effects of all planets and for peace.
Shri Surya Yantra - for pacification of Sun planet and for fame.
Shri Chandra Yantra - for pacification of Moon planet and for mental peace.
Shri Mangal Yantra - for pacification of Mars planet for protect against robbery.
Shri Budh Yantra - for pacification of Mercury planet and for wisdom.
Shri Guru Yantra - for pacification of Jupiter planet and for spirituality.
Shri Shukra Yantra - for pacification of Venus planet and for comforts.
Shri Shani Yantra - for pacification of Saturn Planet and for protection.
Shri Rahu Yantra - for pacification of Rahu and for easiness.
Shri Ketu Yantra - for pacification of Ketu and for victory over enemies.

How to Use:

Place the yantra on stand and keep it in Pooja Room. Offer dhoop/agarbati daily and chant the mantra for 108 times, if mentioned on the yantra.

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