Aaromi Holy Essence

(Made From Rare Herbs & Flowers of Himalaya) Aaromi Holy Essence is a blend made from extracts of an array of floral essentials oils. It is not just an ordinary blend of delightful fragrances but its more than that. It is a multipurpose blend that could be used not for one purpose alone, but a range of everyday needs. It is believed to have Cleansing, Aromatherapy and Protective properties. This essence can be used for Purifications, Circulation of positive energies, Good Health, defense against evil eye and enemies, Domestic peace and good relations, safe traveling and for increase in business, Sales etc. Many use it like Holy Water for Cleansing, Protection and Good Luck as well.


Aaromi Holy Essence has amazing Cleansing properties, which can be used to increase positivity by neutralizing negativity.

It helps in rectifing problems arising due to Vaastu Dosha. Spray it in all rooms daily for atleast 43 days.

Its Protective properties can protect from all evil/negative energies. Spray on body/apprels, room and also use in bathe.

It helps in Cleansing Aura. When added to the bath-tub or spray on body/apprels daily, it enhances Aura and Positive energies.

It is most widely used for enhancement of Personality Traits. It will increase your Charisma and make you look more attractive. Just spray on body/apprels daily.

It is helpful for improving & increasing Harmony in Relationships in the Family, Social and Professional life. Just spray in rooms or at work place.

Its Aromatherapy properties act as a room deodorant. Its spray in sick room makes patient feels better and gets quick relief from illness. Its delightful aroma helps in Spiritual Cleaning, Home Protection, for clearing and balancing energy.

It can be used to increase sales or profit making margin in business/organisation. Its spray at place of work/shop neutralizes negative energies and increases positivity hence increasing sales and business.

Its spray in bathroom or toilet will not only leave these places fragrant but also remove all negative energies.

If used in bath it will leave your skin fragrant & refresh. This essence enhance your Aura & Positive energies.

After exercise, its application helps in relaxing tense muscles and nerves. Use in bath.

It can also be used as a room freshener. Its enchanting fragrance helps to refresh rooms that have been newly dusted, to overcome smoke-stuffiness and undesirable odors.

Spray this blend on clothes before you iron for fresh wonderful smelling clothes or spray your curtains to freshen up a room.

Its spray while going out for a journey does not only gives you safe journey but it remove/nullify directional defect flow in journey & gives the beneficial good results of journey. Spray it on all over body/apparels before going out for a journey.

Aaromi Holy Essence is one of the best Evil-eye breaker (Jinx-breaking). Its spray on body/apprels and rooms is very helpful in protecting our-self, our house & office from bad and Negative Energies. Spray in all rooms of house and office protect it from evil-eyes.

Many use it like Holy water for Cleansing, Protection and Good luck etc.

How to Use:

For Rooms/work place/bathroom/toilet: Press pump for at least 5 times at one place
For Bath: Press pump for at least 7 times in bath tub.
For Body/apprels: Spray on body/apparels for at least 5 times.

Net Contents: 100 ml.
Offer Price: Rs. 495/-
Net Contents: 200 ml.
Offer Price: Rs. 999/-

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